I had the brakes go out on my 96 Civic while driving to work one day. All of a sudden just no more brakes lol. Pulled into a gas station nearby, saw all sorts of fluid near the drivers side tire, ruptured brake line. Drove it to work and back home with no brakes. Downshifting + Emergency brake got me those 12 miles home. Easy at 12am when you know all the roads. I was even in stop and go traffic for about 5 minutes in a construction zone... Kept the car in 1st and stopped it with the E-Brake. This is also through I78 in NJ. There's hills, but nothing bad.

Why did XBOX 360 Receive the patch for Black Ops 2 before PS3 users? PS3 is expected to wait almost another MONTH for the patch... How corrupt is Activision and Microsoft? MS is paying Activision for all this stuff sooner. While the PS3 community just falls behind... Should I also mention that Activision has banned…

My father saw a Tesla Model S today and one of the things he told me was to never buy one, even though the look nice and perform awesome. Why should I never buy one? Well, one simple reason. You can't go to the bar after work, meet a hot chick and her friends, and drop the friends off at their houses as you go back to…

Anyone post this one yet? A little thing next to the turn signal in new Lincoln's (they still exist?) that will help STEER you back into your lane, when enabled, if you start to move out of the lines. Question here is,… I was beaten by SonorousSpeedJoe though. I believe my mother had beaten him though since that email has been sitting around for about 3 hours in my inbox.

Advertisement Thieves steal almost 1,200hp Supra and bring it to a chop shop. The Supra belonged to a SWIMSUIT MODEL and was stolen in... wait for it... Florida. Why the hell has this not been covered yet? Yahoo of all places has it.

Random finding. I'm not up on BMW and all their models, just clicked on their site to find out that the 6 Series Gran Coupe starts $2700 more than a 7 Series? The sedan is even $1,100 more. Has it always been like this? I figured you guys would know.